Thursday, December 18, 2008

whoopsie poopsie

i got so excited earlier in the week about my 100th blog post. well, yeah.

evidently i never got around to reposting all my original blogs here. there are A LOT that didn't make the changeover. i will transfer them over, with original time and date. so if you're in need of retarded ol' stories from days of yore, they will be up soon. and there's lots of good stuff in there.

as for the celebration, i'm way over the 100 mark. not sure how far over. oh well. happy unbirthday to me, i guess.

check archives later for lots of hysterical fun entertainment.. edness.


KJT said...

"whoopsie poopsie"?!?!

redwithenvy said...

hell yes. say it the next time you fuck up. it makes people less angry.