Thursday, December 18, 2008

are they kidding?

i've never been a big fan of burger king to begin with, but they ain't doing much to win me over with meat-scented body spray.

meat-FLAVORED? totally different. i'd dig that.


Rowdy Style said...

human scratch and sniff

cae said...

Waitaminute ... we ARE meat!

What do people think we smell like now, papier-mâché?

Oh, I see: they mean flame broiled meat.

"Now, you too, can smell like you have a job in the kitchen of Burger King. Thrill to the sound of dogs trotting behind you wherever you go."

Anonymous said...

Screw flame-broiled scent, I want bacon. Although Mez, eating no meat but fish, might nor approve.

Maybe lobster scent.

PORK CHOP said...

Yeah I like Whoppers (especially Wendy) but I'd rather not be smelling of one all damn damn.