Thursday, March 29, 2007

just a thursday

weird that you should mention caffiene, mr hodges. i fell off of my soda wagon of 4 monthsish, and i've been sampling every energy drink that's out there. there are a few standout favorites, but nothing concrete.

so, in light of my renewed spaziness, plus my lack of blogging, i devote this weekend to an actual blog (with meat on it, as they say.) don't let me forget to mention precipitation and john cougar mellencamp.

and thank you, nicole's friend from maryland, for enjoying my blogs without knowing me. it's the highest compliment, next to that nicole thinks i'm funnier in person.

a conversation i actually had (vicariously through my friend sunny):

SG: uh, so, when are you gonna notice my hair? i got it cut.

DG: oh! you got it cut shorter?

SG: no, i got it cut longer. what the fuck is wrong with you?