Monday, February 25, 2008

going through 'the change'

no, not menopause. and not like jeff goldblum in "the fly", although let's face it - nothing 'changes' about his characters at all from movie to movie.

i'm talking about another change, that doesn't seem to be precipitated by anything.

i noticed it when i was driving to work last week. no stereo.

i can't remember a time when i drove anywhere with the music off. it's mandatory in my car. but not lately. and it happened without my consciously realizing it.

i thought about the other things in my daily life, and there are a few other differences:

i don't really drink anymore. a beer on special occasions, maybe.
i crave chocolate.
i watch TLC (okay, i did that before.)
i am comfortable spending an evening alone.
i sit on the porch and read with the blind cat.

does this mean i'm old? insane? reclusive? depressed? mature? none of the above?

whatever. i'm rolling with it. even if i am the single, pink-haired chick on the block with the cats who talks to herself. being that girl ain't so bad.