Friday, December 19, 2008

stop the breeding!

overpopulating the earth on your own is obnoxious and annoying. it makes me want to send people to places where they take your children away if you have more than one - this family is my first, second and third choice for such a measure.

knock that shit off already! it's not like you're creating more carl sagans or niels bohrs or marie curies, for fuck's sake.


KJT said...

Good grief!
Or this effed up family!

Nikkay said...

It's kinda.. weird.. you'd think she'd be pretty tired of being pregnant, but the "dick" must be wonderful.. but notice that she delivered by C-section this time aroiund.. that thang was prolly done after number

redwithenvy said...

why'd you put "dick" in parenthesis? i guess in my world, it would be.

Anonymous said...

I saw this when I logged on this morning and was wondering if anyone would blog about it.

I have two kids and would've loved to have about six. Even that is a lot of kids. Eighteen? would insure that no one would touch my hoo ha again!


cae said...

The thing that bothers me is that those who should be having and raising more children in this world tend to either have few or no offspring while those who shouldn't be allowed near children, much less having any of their own, are busy squeezing them out like blackheads.

You know, I'd've loved to have had two more kids - and one less wife - but them's the breaks.