Wednesday, December 24, 2008

a bad idea

i'm all for taking shortcuts if it's going to get a task completed faster and just as effectively as doing it the long way.

but even i have my limits.

don't be an idiot, like this guy.

happy holidays, all!


Rowdy Style said...

im now taking the "shortcut" of digital photography full time. =) thanks for your help, when can i return it??

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but did he get rid of the ice?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I saw this last night and said that will be our neighbor this winter. Last year he had a propane heater on the pile of snow in his backyard. And you know how big our backyard is. Yesterday he was snowblowing his parking had been plowed about 2 hours earlier. Yeah, he's got snow issues. I just pray he's got good insurance!