Sunday, July 22, 2007

gay pride

in other news, the bar across the street from my house is hosting gay pride weekend, which happens to be THIS weekend, as in, the one we're in. there's no parking, so if you leave the house, you can't come back for two days. and when you're there, you have to contend with the "super gay" and their fag hag friends (no offense to either, i was a total fag hag in college) walking by your window drunk at all hours. jealous?

needless to say i'm not at home.

oh, and i'm not at sunny's house. i'm actually at some penthouse in downtown with three of san diego's hottest most eligible billionaire bachelors. truth be told, their neediness is really getting on my nerves. i'm headed back home soon. wish me luck. blog to follow later today. (two blogs in one day? nuh-uh!!)

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