Friday, July 27, 2007

the big yellow envelope

yesterday sucked.

i left work and i was so ready to go home and sleep (which i did.) but when i got home, i had a yellow envelope sitting in front of my door.

shortly after writing my energy drink trials, i was persuing the glaceau website (as you'll recall, vitamin energy was the clear winner. vitamin water rules also.) anyway, as i was surfing through their site and saw a comments form. naturally, i left them some.

i briefly told them about my blog post, and how i thought monster tasted like mule piss. and i wrote some other stuff i wish i would've written down or remembered. and i never thought another thing about it.

in this yellow envelope was a letter from jamie at glaceau, which thanked me for taking time to comment on their products. and also explained that monthly, their ceo darius takes a few of the letters received and reads them to the employees aloud in the parking lot during a company luau. they enjoyed my letter, they said, and they sent me a vitamin water ballcap for my feedback.

now, this goes to prove my point, people: i am awesome. and i'm funny. and people appreciate me.

oh, and it also proves that glaceau is a fantastic beverage - i cannot do without it (i'm drinking a multi-v right now.) i'm going to see if i can get my landlord to alter my kitchen tap to see if it will dispense a different flavor each month. i'm not counting on it. he hasn't replaced our carpets since 1968.

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