Monday, December 8, 2008

the big questions

coke vs. pepsi

red vines vs. twizzlers

deniro vs. pacino

dogs vs. cats

coors lite vs. bud lite

moore vs. connery

elvis vs. beatles

ford vs. chevy

there's really no way to be on the fence on any of these. you're either one or the other, no halfway. the other choice is apathy for both, which, in my case, is celtics vs. lakers. i truly have no opinion.

but most of the above are very passionate decisions which, when combined, are very telling about the kind of people we are.

in my case:

i like coke. pepsi tastes like mule piss. when some waitress says, "is pepsi okay?" i'll drink it, but i won't be happy. luckily, most restaurants know better and serve coke - probably just to please me.

i realize most people think twizzlers are a wax flavored licorice, but fuck those people. twizzlers rock.

hands down, deniro. pacino never had a chance.

i'm a dog person. always have been. cats are all about their terms and it pisses me off. if i'm gonna pet you, you best be ready to let me and enjoy it. i don't have time to argue with cats.

maybe it's the colorado, john denver, rocky mountain spring water girl in me, but i'm coors lite all the way. i've tasted them side by side, and bud is awful. in all honesty, miller high life is magnificent, but between coors and bud, bud can eat it.

roger moore may not be as sexy as sean connery, but he's the true bond to me. that really, really pisses people off. but i can't help it.

i think this has a lot to do with who your parents grew up listening to. and though my mom listened to motown, there was not an elvis record in the house. there may not have been a beatles one in the house either, but i was raised a beatles girl. in fact, i had a fisher price record player with two 45s: tony orlando and dawn (tie a yellow ribbon on the a-side, and sweet gyspy rose on the b-side) and a beatles 45. not sure why a 6 year old got a 45 of helter skelter, but that's what i listened to.

i'm borderline apathetic about this, but if i had to make a choice, it would be ford. i have no evidence to back up my choice. but that's the joy of this blog. i don't have to. like a rock, people.


KJT said...

Coke - because it's my wife's choice (I don't do pop)
Twizzlers - because you say so (I like blk licorice)
DeNiro - Godfather II, Deer Hunter, Taxi Driver. nuff said.
Dogs - but I have to admit I love cats too.
Coors v Bud? Are you serious... Guinness, baby. If I'm goin' cheap it's Rainier or Pabst or Mil's Best.
Moore - Because he was Bond when I first met Bond. Loving Daniel Craig though - bad mutha f**ka.
Beatles - no contest. Wrote their own shit. I do own a handful of Elvis songs - but I own every CD the Beatles put out. R.I.P. Lennon today, by the way.
Ford v Chevy? - cars suck. Trains and bikes.

PJ said...

coke vs. pepsi - Coke tastes like a beverage. Pepsi tastes like sugar (or apparently mule piss).

red vines vs. twizzlers - Twizzlers baby. Red Vines look like something you buy at Home Depot to fix your sprinkler system.

deniro vs. pacino - Deniro. If Pacino had not spent the last 15 years SHOUTING AT THE TOP HIS LUNGS, this would have been closer.

dogs vs. cats - Dogs because they treat you like a buddy. Cats treat you like their butler.

coors lite vs. bud lite - Colorado boy agrees - Coors.

moore vs. connery - Connery. And yes, it does piss me off that you prefer Moore. ;-)

elvis vs. beatles - The King in a close one. Music like early Elvis inspired JohnPaulGeorgeAndRingo. Elvis became a cartoon later in life, but he kicked ASS starting out. Fab Four leave me a bit cold. I know I am supposed to like them, Guess this one for me is kind of like you and Roger Moore.

ford vs. chevy - Chevy - because the Ford we own has been nothing but a screaming headache and I recently learned ol' Henry Ford was a ferocious anti-Semite. Up yours Henry.

Frunobulax said...

coke vs. pepsi - Coke! What, are you kidding me?

red vines vs. twizzlers: Oh, man. I was raised on Twizzlers but have come to see the light of Red Vines. I'm with Kev: black licorice is where it's at.

deniro vs. pacino: Oh, c'mon! They were both amazing in their day and continue to embarrass themselves, now! I refuse to choose.

dogs vs. cats: I like 'em both an awful lot but choose cats 'cause they aint so fuckin' needy.

coors lite vs. bud lite: let's see, garbage vs garbage. I'll take the garbage.

moore vs. connery: Connery.

elvis vs. beatles: Beatles.

ford vs. chevy: Oh, man. This takes me back to gradeschool when my cowboy buddies would endlessly debate this kinda thing. I dunno! I like Toyota! (rotten Japs, anyway ...)

cae said...

I don't really drink pop any more but, as in the past, when faced with this choice I would have go with Coke. Coke, to my palette, is crisp while Pepsi comes off flat.

I began as a Twizzlers person and slowly became a Red Viner. I like Red Vines and popcorn at the theater - but I wouldn't turn down Twizzlers.

DeNiro, Pacino? I can't choose. They were both once great, they may prove to still be, some day.

I was raised with and love dogs but prefer cats. I see cats as being like adults while dogs are like children. I love kids but, somehow, would prefer my pet's to be more independent, less needy.

Coors vs Bud: I really don't drink this kind of beer any more, not on purpose, any way but I never liked Bud. Coors, if I recall correctly, is somewhat skunky. No opinion on these accept that, in my opinion, they're not really worth drinking. Yuck.

I'm not really a Bond kind of guy but I'd take Connery over Moore any day. Connery reminds me of my dad, Moore looks as if he'd ask me to polish his shoes.

Beatles. I heard plenty of both growing up and I never "got" Elvis. Good thing, too - I hear there's no inoculation for it.

Ford, Chevy? I don't know much about cars, they don't fascinate me. If it runs well, doesn't chew up lot of gas and - most important - has a decent stereo that allows me to play more than the radio, I'm hip. Ford/Chevy seems kinda like Bud/Coors to me. I drive a Toyota.

May Love Hold Us said...

Pepsi all the way. Used to be a Coke girl, but now it's too bitter. Pepsi is sweeter.

Red Vines. When they're fresh they beat the pants off Twizzlers


Dogs AND cats rock

EW. I don't like beer. Give me hard liquor.

Don't care about Bond at all.

Beatles, I guess. Kinda apathetic about that one.

Big carmakers all suck ass bcuz they are begging for a bailout when it's their own damn fault they are in a pickle.

Anonymous said...

Coke, but rarely, and unfortunately diet now. When I was younger I would switch between Coke, Pepsi, and RC every six months or so. Even diet Pepsi tastes too sweet. Also, most restaurants serve the opposite of what I ask for.

Twizzlers all the way. If I could swallow a bag whole, I would. It has a perfect texture for going down my throat (saaay) or just dissolving in my mouth for a half hour. Red Vines were fun as a kid for shoving in sodas and making rock hard straws, but I rarely wanted to eat more than one or two of them.

Close call for De Niro vs Pacino... both pretty much just play themselves, though they do it well. Pacino makes a very good Satan in The Devil's Advocate, but De Niro wins for the fun roles in Midnight Run, Stardust, and Mad Dog and Glory

I'm probably a cat person at this point, thanks to Mez. I love dogs, I always thought of myself as a dog person, but when it comes to it, they're just like my friends' kids. Fun to visit, play games with, and get good and riled up, but then I get to come home. Cats (except for one of ours, Cleo, who has porridge where her brain should be) leave me the hell alone for the most part. Dogs just need too much attention. On the other hand, they know they're in trouble for pissing on the damn carpet.

Coors Lite vs. Bud Lite. Gee. What a choice. I'll have to go with Bud Lite... hey, they're brewed in Fort Collins now, so just like Hillary representing New York, they can claim Colorado as their own. Coors Lite is watery horse piss, Bud Lite is carbonated drain water. I guess it depends on what contaminant you prefer.

Moore beats Connery for me, probably because of the age I'm in. He was always James Bond to me as a kid. Of course, Brosnan beats them both hands down.

I think the Beatles win, because they at least wrote their own music. Unfortunately, they're dying in the wrong order.

My first two cars were Chevys, so I guess Chevy. Of course, the argument is usually a truck thing. I'm kind of worried about the auto industry right now, because who's bootleg Calvin sticker going to pee on?

Side story: One night when she first started tattooing, Mez was inking a Ford logo on the right arm of someone, who had a Chevy sucks logo on his left arm (or maybe I have them reversed). Halfway through, she asked, "So what is the deal with Ford versus Chevy anyways?" The customer just shrugged and said, "I dunno." "Well OK then."

Brad said...

I expected someone to catch it, "like a rock", isn't that song played only on Chevy commercials?

redwithenvy said...

oh shit, really? whoopsie. could have sworn it was ford.