Wednesday, October 15, 2008

week at a glance

i found out the hard way this week that this new medicine i'm taking, while amazing and life-changing, is not a miracle pill. sure, it keeps me awake enough to have a normal human length day. but as i discovered the last few days, just because i'm alert and awake, does not mean i am capable of doing whatever it is i want all the time. i still have to be careful of over fatiguing my body, and rest sometimes even when i'd rather be doing other things.

every inch of my body hurts today to an unbelievable degree. i feel like a parapalegic on marionette strings. i'm moving, but i shouldn't be.

well, for a while i felt immortal anyway.

i sent my mom an email letting her know when i could come home for xmas. instead of her excitement, she asked, "you can't stay any longer than that?" i thought 5 or 6 days would be sufficient, but evidently not. i tried to explain to her that i wasn't going on summer camp.

i got an email from my favorite politically incorrect law enforcement representative today, and here's an excerpt:

We had a guy kidnap his girlfriend over the weekend. Well, to prove he loved her, he smashed her twice in the face with a small sledge hammer. Apparently she didn't belive him after the love smacks so he stabbed her twice with a carpet knife. After that she realized that she really did love him....until she was able to get away.

i had this weird moment of nostalgia and longed to have dispatched any of that. seems that when i sat down in my chair and faced my wall of flat screens and donned my headset, people started stabbing each other. it was like a gift. i do miss it sometimes. and then i come to my senses.

as hard as it is for my to give myself credit for things, i was a good waitress. but i was a great law dispatcher.

i have a potential date to go on, but i'm rather apathetic about it. not him, specifically, but just the date itself. i will seize an opportunity to be social, but i just don't want to put the energy in.

and speaking of social, there's quite a large party in LA this weekend. it involves a bunch of guys i went to school with, a few of whom i haven't seen in over a decade. the rumblings of said party are exciting, daunting, and frightening. if i know nothing else, it's that these boys know how to make an event legendary. and that's the only reason i'm going to make the 2 1/2 hour trek to participate. well, also dependent on the likelihood of me having a couch to sleep on.

oh, and today is teef-clean day. i love the dentist.


HR Paperstacks said...

I used to dispatch at the Casino. Surveillance. It was a hoot. Loved it when drunks and vagabonds would drift in and cause a ruckus. Really made life worth living. Gave me something to look at besides boobs. Oh yes, Boob Cam was full motion and zoom too. I could get right in there. Look around. See if she had change. Or a blackjack.

May Love Hold Us said...

You really were a great law dispatcher. Remember Becky saying "he's got a gun? Someone's shooting at you??" Played that tape for a trainee the other day! :)

Sorry you hurt...

Your mother could use a crash course in gratitude. I can sympathize...

Hope you are feeling better! Can't wait to see you when you come to CO!

redwithenvy said...

my mom is actually amazingly greatful. she cried and said "i can't wait" about 70 times once the tickets were booked.