Tuesday, October 14, 2008

today's post on my fantasy football league page

Sharon shows Zoot what it's like..

ColdBlooded 117, Zootsuiter 93

The Chinese have a word for limp dicks, that word is Zoot.
Now Scott didn’t set his lineup this week, but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway as Sharon rolls over him with strong performances from A. Rodgers, M. Barber and M. Harrison. Both A. Rodgers and M. Barber have been consistent for Sharon, ranking 3rd and 2nd in points at their positions. Sharon now sits on the top of the BC division with a 3-3 record. I posted this week’s picture thinking I could get a few laughs at her expense, but it seems that she has a bigger dick than Scott, Blake or me.


HR Paperstacks said...

Here's my post to my Fantasy Football team on my league page as though I was coaching them. My team name is the Dewey-Rajims.

"Bobby Engram. You hunk of shit. I trade T. Jones away, on a week I know he is going to have a big game, so that I get you in at receiver. Being that you're Seattle's main guy, I find it a solid WR slot. However, you get thrown to only 4 times, and drop them all. You put up a 0 on my points board. You Sir, are a fucking loser and I hate you.

Javon Walker. Retire. Now. Don't wait another day. You and Chad Johnson should buttfuck each other and just watch some football now and then. You obviously make too much money to play. I had you early and you sucked miserably, nearly a 0 each of the 2 weeks you played. But, under new coaching, Oakland is sure to throw more....looks like a good matchup for Walker this week! My ass. If you read the opinion on these notes and news links, you are cutting your own throat. All you better read is the fucking hurt or not hurt. Javon Walker, burn in hell.

Carolina Panthers Defense. You play great a few weeks and I pick you up, and you O-fer the Chiefs. This week, you play a miserable Tampa Bay offense, and let them go fucking apeshit on you. It's amazing to find a cocksucker like Engram or Walker just floating about last week, but when you find a whole CREW of chode huggers, it's amazing. Yet, I found you. And here we are. I hope you all catch the clap.

The rest of you good job. That is all. "

redwithenvy said...

who are you, magical man? your posts are killing me.