Thursday, October 23, 2008

i hate to say this..

but i miss the cold.

it has been too damn hot here lately. too hot to do anything - take a walk, complain.. i'd go far as to say that it's too hot to think. certainly too hot to type.

this is the first time since i've lived in california that i remember wanting to be cold. to bundle up with a cup of something hot and snuggle in not too far from an icy window pane. to walk outside and feel cold on my nose, to see my breath. granted, i wasn't a fan of the snow - hence my decision to move to sunny southern california. but truly i don't mind seeing it, and i don't mind being in it as long as i don't have to shovel my car out of it daily. vail was a bit of overkill for me. delicate snow is nice. blizzarding over vail pass and having the roads impassible is not.

but i do wish it were cold here. rain would be nice too. anything but this 88 degree in late October crap that is happening. even my desert-dwelling reptile isn't happy. he knows he's supposed to be brumating and can't figure out why his house feels like July.

on a completely different note, i bought a turkey today, complete with stuffing, rice and gravy, and all those other yummy things that used to be on my mom's southern-cookin' thanksgiving table. i figured turkey would feed me for a while, and it sounded like a fun project (i learned how to cook one not too many years ago, so having it turn out well is still a bit of a novelty for me.) i just have to wait to start until later tonight or tomorrow morning so my house won't evaporate.

in the meanwhile, i have to get this laptop off of my lap. i'm already uncomfortable in jeans and having a heat-emitting electronic device on my lap is just not making me happy. i feel like filling up my tub with champagne, aloe and icecubes, though it would be easier and more cost effective to pull my shades, turn on both fans, and pretend i was in a vegas hotel room.


Anonymous said...

I hate the cold. I hate the cold more than Hitler hated Jews.

I'll agree that 88 is to damn hot but I'd like that better than the cold. My vicious attack dog needed to shit the other night at 0230 and well it was 5 f'ing degrees out. Ok seriously that is uncalled for.

When I'm King I'll have someone smart either invent a weather machine and make it 75 year round but still able to snow on Christmas . If they fail, well I'll kill them and get someone else.

Rita said... need to be anonymous there. We all know who thinks he's going to be king someday. :)
I miss snow with a purpose, but I didn't have any dogs when I lived in the mountains so...
I've started to accept that I'm a nomad and will eventually get tired of anywhere I live, no matter how nice it seemed in the beginning. If I could just accomplish all the moving without the actual act of moving...