Wednesday, October 29, 2008


d'you know those things you find on eBay and bid for, never really expecting to win them.. particularly if you bid on them before you lose your job and you're not too worried about income?

"my name is.. shake zula, the mic rulah.."


cae said...

Empathetic commiseration coupled with a frightening admission:
I no longer buy but I really need to sell some of this.


redwithenvy said...

holy mother of science, that is fucking insane.

did i buy mothmonster man from you??

cae said...

Hah! No, no. 90% of my stuff is Japanese and I've not been part of "the scene" - buying or selling - for some time, now. It was a bit of an obsession there, for a while, though. Now I'm looking at them and thinking "pity I can't eat that or trade it in for rent ..."