Monday, October 22, 2007

what the eff

what the eff?

i woke up this morning, grabbed my rockstar, and left the house to my car for my morning commute. as soon as i walked outside, i could smell the smoke from the fires north of san diego.

i got to work, and nobody was there, which was very odd. my boss showed up about five minutes later and said, "good morning! thanks for coming. now go ahead and go home."

evidenltly, the fires have spread, and there are 7 fires burning in san diego county currently. many of the execs at work were evacuated from their homes.

i get home, and i'm watching the news with the roommates. tv is freaking me out. i'm getting texts from friends in the area, and i'm having flashbacks to the flood in 1997. i have my laptop, ipod, and black doc's ready to go if they kick us out of our house. shit, i hope they have wifi wherever i get sent to when they evacuate. unless, of course, i get emphysema before then (which is odd, because as i was typing that, my mailman walked by with a face mask on for the smoke..)

i'm making light of this, but i'm freaking out a little. the beer i'm about to drink will help (is pre-10am too early to start drinking in the midst of a natural disaster?)

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