Sunday, October 28, 2007

revenge - like candy, but tastier

i don't think of myself as reactive. or retaliatory. or intentionally mean. but, when someone deserves it, i can't help but fantasize about getting even.

at least the things i wish to do are mere fractions of the original offense. i'm not malicious, after all.

i had an 'friend' who recently did the wrong things, in the wrong order, on a day when i felt great.

now i wouldn't normally coerce friends into my plans (who am i kidding? i don't usually follow through out of all-consuming kindness.) but fortunately sunny is highly coercible. in fact, she usually takes my idea and makes is 80 times cooler than i could ever make it.

lesson for today: never do a redhead wrong. two separate times. with the same tactic. okay, once? i can look past it. twice? your ass is mine. and i will tear it into a thousand pieces and hand it back to you in a box. with a pink bow.

happy birthday, mutha fucka.

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