Thursday, September 18, 2008

isn't that shit illegal?

isn’t that shit illegal?

i went on my date last night and was hoping for something either terrifying or amazing to regale you with, because i know you take pleasure in my happiness as well as my pain. but i'm afraid there's no story there. he was polite, attentive, attractive, funny. he remembered things i had told him previously (major point scorer, guys. oh wait - almost all my male readers are married or have been at some point. well, good advice anyway..)

in short, there was nothing wrong with him. but nothing particularly right either.

it was nice to play pool and socialize with strangers, threaten the bartender (who had the most amazing array of novelty tattoos i have ever seen) and play pinball.

i drank absinthe, which i have wanted to do since the dawn of time. there was some debate about its recent change in legal status which never manifested itself with any reliable proof. i do know that the bartender made it the way it was intended, complete with ice water contraption and sugar cube drip. and it looked heavenly. and could be one of the most foul drinks i have ever ingested in my entire life. i don't like black licorice anyway, but absinthe tastes like a severe version of liquefied good n plenties. fucking terrible, and worse as it got warmer.

needless to say, i grinned happily while trying to swallow it as i was lectured by a far-too-intoxicated girl who was trying to give me tips on being more demure. it was a sweet intervention, and i know she had my best interest at heart. i didn't have the heart to joust her with my pool cue. i told her i appreciated her perspective and i would take it under advisement.

it's difficult to not be the person that people think you should be. i've been told that i would only be (this) if i did (that) more times than i would like. but if i wasn't all of those things, sarcastically over-confident, feisty, good-humouredly verbally agreesive, i just wouldn't be living as me. and i like me. and i think it's been a while since i said that and actually believed it.

the last several weeks have been nice. the hormones not-withstanding, i spent some time with old friends. i spent some time with some delightful new ones, and it feels nice to have people that get you. especially those who get you even though they don't know you well enough to. quite a refreshing change..

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