Tuesday, October 2, 2007

advances in technology

i upgraded my mac journalling software a few weeks ago (as it automatically uploads my blog) and it has a handy little neat-o feature- i am able to audioblog. in other words, all of my blogs, or even a portion, can be presented with the sound of my voice. i can also create podcasts, for that matter. so, for those of you who are suffering from that empty chasm in your life that is my absence, i may be able to fill that a little. it will give a new meaning to that nickname i acquired in dispatch. perhaps i’ll earn it back.

in other news, it was kind of a shitty week. between my mom having some health problems, and a few medical emergencies of my own, it was a week to forget. onward and upward..

a few random thoughts, however.

what happened to those coin/snap purses that were made especially to hold your cigarettes and lighter? man, those were awesome. it was an essential whiskey tango accessory that you just don’t see anymore. and i am mourning its absence.

and i was talking to sunny about a guy that i crushed on a little bit a few years ago. eerily, he reminds me of they guy from The Pick-Up Artist, but without the furry hats. i asked her if she could see what i was talking about, and she said, “well, all i remember is that he was cute, but the only night i talked to him i was seeing double.” which leads me to wonder, shouldn’t drunkenness actually enhance your visual abilities in judging another’s looks? granted, there’s all the fuzziness that comes with excessive drinking, but you’d think you’d be more likely detect someone’s undesirable physical qualities if you were seeing two copies of their face all night.

my blog should be more entertaining, but it’s about all i can muster. i still feel like shit, and i’m hoping that a three day weekend will be what i need to feel great by tuesday.

perhaps on my day off, i’ll experiment with the audio blog features. you can decide whether it’s better to hear me, or not.

enjoy your holiday..


PJ said...

Feel better!

sharon said...

better every day, mr. h.