Tuesday, June 26, 2007

some more random thoughts

i've seen some people that i went to high school with on the internet lately, and i don't get it. they look about 43 years old. what did they do that i didn't? I can say with certainty that i don't look like i'm in my 30's, much less like i'm a dinosaur. can it be that ben and jerry's creme brulee and zero-carb rockstar are the fountain of youth? is it because i've always had to wear 80spf at the beach for my fair little redhead skin? it is because, since i still play xbox, my body thinks it's still 13?

i got a new blackberry yesterday. it cost me -$75 dollars. evidently amazon gives you money back if you buy new cell contracts through them. i got the pearl, and i can't stop playing with it. but you know why i REALLY wanted it? because when i lived in vail, i was behind trista rehn in the post office, and she had one. in fact, her inner volume was set to deafening, which i'm guessing is pretty standard for her. i long to be like her.

lastly, i would like to apologize profusely to my dear friend kevin from philly. he took my critique of AMP to be a personal attack. i just want to say, for the record, that kevin is quite possibly the single most patient man on the earth. and he's hot. and he has a sexy voice. and he has this cute little giggle when he's being crafty that women everywhere can't resist. and i'd sooner stab a loved one in the face than do anything whatsoever to tarnish our relationship. that notwithstanding, AMP still remains an absolutely wretched beverage directly created my satan and his minions. the measure of a man is not by the drink he chooses, but how much he thinks i am super extra primo rad fantastico. which of course, i am. so he gets 365 million pts.

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