Monday, June 18, 2007

a quickie

first of all, thank you for viewing my blog NINE THOUSAND TIMES. was it like a month and a half ago that i was at eight thousand? you guys RULE. i'm going to have a party at 10,000, so you know.

i have a lot of stuff to blog about, like this being my last week of school, and me having to take my boards next week, and my experience at the beach yesterday, and of course my energy drink trials. and i will. I PROMISE. as soon as school ends, i will be a much more devoted blogger.

in the meantime, i was driving to work today and noticed a restaurant that i pass at least 7 times a week. i've never really thought about it before, but would you eat at a place called "the tickled trout?" i think not.

four more days of school, four more days of school...

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