Saturday, June 2, 2007

five things

five smells i can't stand:

-burnt popcorn
-gear oil
-sodium hydroxide relaxer
-cinnamon rolls
-polo by ralph lauren

five things i shouldn't like, but i do:

-the smell of gasoline
-the movie SWAT, starring collin farrell
-excessive profanity
-hanson's MMMbop

five words i won't say:

-"my bad" (that counts for two, i guess)
-nailed (in that context, anyway)

five men's voices that make me melt:

-shawn smith
-m. doughty
-corey glover
-jeff buckley
-josh homme

five irresistible things:

-ben and jerry's creme brulee
-good sushi
-the right man covered in dirt and sweat
-"u & ur hand" by pink

five phrases that have actually been said to me:

-in a lame attempt to make me swoon, "i want to get you off like a firecracker"
-in a lame attempt to hurt my feelings, "you have no heart" (and it worked)
-"you're so retarded" (deemed a compliment in national city)
-in response to me wanting to cut my long hair off, "don't do it, your hair is what makes you pretty"
-as a bit of advice from my mom, "never try to please anyone else, because you're the only one you have to look at in the mirror every day"

five things i won't leave the house without:

-lip gloss
-money (if i have it)
-phone (if i need it)

five things i hate:


five things i love:

-pizza rolls
-the office (on NBC)

top five cereals:

-cpt crunchberries
-lucky charms
-golden grahams
-special K with strawberries
-grape nuts flakes

five reasons i have to wrap up this blog:

-i'm thirsty
-it's "take your roommate to work" day at our house and i have to get dressed
-i'm losing focus
-how long can a blog be?
-to keep all of you wanting more. and YOU WILL NOT GET IT..

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