Monday, May 28, 2007

i've cheated

i hate to tell you people this, but i've been cheating. on you guys. with

there, i said it.

in my defense, i posted an invite for all of you, so it's not my fault really. plus, one or two sentence blogs are so much easier.

fortunately, i can multitask.

i have a lot to say, but i'm also tired, SO:

i'm having a problem with this guy who has become a little too attached to me. his name is zach. he's an actor/director/writer type guy. he's cute and all, and he ADORES me, so that's always what i look for in a man.

but lately, he's gotten too smother-y. he keeps calling and texting, and it seems he's rather needy. the other day, i said to him, i said, "zach, you can't keep doing this. all you're doing is pushing me away. you're suffocating me. and i know. i know that it's hard for you, being a super-famous actor and all. because i'm sure you're expecting girls to fall all over you. but i am not other girls. and i know i am fantastic, believe me i know. but you have to give me a little space."

and then he went on for about a half hour about how i was stunning and amazing and not like any other woman he's ever met before. and he loves my obscure sense of humor and also loves that i can kick his ass at castlevania. he loves how ivory my skin is, and the way my neck smells right where it meets my shoulders. he says even my PB&Js taste like heaven, and he can't stop thinking about me. he thinks i have the voice of an angel. and naturally he can't live without the incredible sex.

he started to cry a little bit, and i had to feel bad for him. i mean, how hard is it to want me so bad and not be able to have me? that would destroy any man.

anyway, i told him i didn't know what else to say and that i had to take another call and he said it was okay, that he had to get back on the set anyway (but i could tell he was lying.) and after i got off the phone, i went into my front room and watched some reruns of scrubs and watched him passionately kiss the chick on there for like 3 minutes. and i had to admit, he really looks sexy. his lips are so soft. he uses his hands a lot, and cradles your face in them. it's sweet. i bet when he has to kiss other girls that he imagines it's me.

he's texted me a few times in the last two hours, and i haven't returned any of them. i told him i was going to lunch with ed norton on thursday (which i'm not) and he sounded disappointed and asked to come over afterward. i said no.

but i do agree with him in a way. i am super beautiful and probably one of the greatest girlfriends a boy could ever have. i'm just not ready to settle down yet. can't anyone understand that?

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