Monday, November 13, 2006

the long ride home

due to renovations at my school (they are updating the equipment from 1950's to 1980's. twenty dollars says they leave the glass with the bullet holes in the front window) i am taking class at an alternate location for the next few weeks. we don't get clients, and we have to sit and behave each night. but the suckiest part is WHERE this place is. my school is hell and gone from my house as it is, and this place is hell and gone from my school.

anyway, on the long ride home tonight, i was channel searching. most of you know me well enough to know the things that i hate: bananas, wicker, nuts in cookies, stepping on a wet floor in socks, christmas, phil collins.. there's a list, but those close to me are aware of the important ones.

i stopped on a local rock station where i heard disturbed (i think) belting out their version of "land of confusion." at that moment, i wished really, really, super hard that is was actually the genesis version. alas, i was wrong.

after identifying it, trying to make it through a verse and chorus, i quickly hit the "forward seek" button on the radio. the next station happened to be playing "friends in low places" which sadly was a sweet, sweet relief.

most of the time, i can't tell any of that shit apart. nickleback, sevendust, staind, godsmack - all that shit sounds the same to me. which reminds me of a discussion i was having with a friend one night.

welcome to the first installment of..

a conversation i actually had:

mf: "hey sharon, what's your favorite three doors down song?"

me: "uh.."

mf: "mine's (fill in the blank)."

me: "hmmm.i suppose my favorite three doors down song would have to be.. uh, blurry by puddle of mudd."

(until further notice, i will be concluding all subsequent blogs with these conversations. disclaimer: any conversation i had or will have with any of you is fair game, regardless of the amount of alcohol you ingested, your emotional state at the time, or your genuine hope that i wouldn't tell anyone.)

nighty nightski..i'm off to bath and wine.

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