Sunday, November 12, 2006

aislinn's blog

my lovely friend aislinn was just over, and she suggested that i create a blog on her behalf. i would normally come up with something super-brilliant and funny, but aislinn, i can't really concentrate between the arrested development reruns and the red wine. actually, we're out of wine and onto something else. at any rate, i can't perform to your ultimate design.

i will, however, remind all the women out there that read this something valuable i learned recently:

never, EVER, under any circumstances, tell a man with whom you have a platonic relationship that you had a sex dream about them. while you innocently try to dream interpret and take it as a sign that your friendship is solid, they will take it as your latent desire to sleep with them being unearthed and taking over your body and mind. and you won't ever hear the end of it. as for most of my life lessons, i learned this the hard way. and, from now on, "do you want another piece of cake?" means "i want you now." and "i have to pee" means "i want you now. bad."

aislinn? i love that you came to visit. and i'm sorry i couldn't do you more justice tonight. i also apologize if you have to field any more of the aforementioned sex dream discussion. i think if you stop responding to them, they'll eventually go away.

"it appears as though Average Joe's Gym is forfeiting the match."

"that's a bold strategy, cotton. let's see if it pays off for 'em."

have a rad week. WORD.

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