Monday, December 6, 2004

graveyarding it

It sucks to have lunch at 3am. What do you eat?

The graveyard shift.

I'm learning to love it. Not that I have a choice, mind you. I'm going on a year and a half of working it now, and it's to the point where having an "after work cocktail" at 7am doesn't seem weird anymore, though people setting up their bars for the lunch crowd find it strange when you peek in and ask when they start serving liquor.

And those rare occasions when I have to drag myself out of bed during the day to accomplish one of those "day only" tasks, ie bank, post office, the flaming ball in the sky threatens to scorch my retinas. What the hell is that thing, anyway?

I only wish I knew someone halfway across the world, in a timezone that would allow me to chat with them during their "day" as it coincides with mine. Gotta start networking in Asia, I guess.

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