Tuesday, December 7, 2004

emmett otter's jugband christmas

We're listening to Special Xmas on XM, and reliving memories from our childhoods. And I, being the biggest Grinch I know, struggle to explain the wonder of Emmet Otter and his jugband, and how much I still love it, despite my general dislike of the Christmas holiday.

And nobody in the room knows what the hell I'm talking about. So I launch into specific detail, citing Jim Henson (which I may have made up, but it strengthened my point of it's magic) and paused just short of breaking into song. Still, no recollection from the group, who are all roughly my age and were chronically ensconced in front of the tv as youngsters, if not more than I was.

I did a lot of drinking in my day, and some drugs. But did I just imagine one of the greatest seasonal films of all time? Even on my best day, and with the aid of the finest mushrooms in the land, I could never have been that creative...

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