Thursday, December 11, 2008

skin deep

the most ridiculous things, for me, come from tv these days.

i fear that eventually, tv will become reality ONLY. no more sitcoms, dramas, actors, scripts. everything will be reality tv. and i hate that.

mtv introduced their first game show, remote control, after years of music videos and music news. now, music isn't played on mtv or mtv2. remote control was the beginning of the death of music on mtv, as the real world will be known as the beginning of the death of traditional shows on tv.

that depresses me. a lot.

i was watching the show that comes on prior to nancy grace (which is basically the same show with a different angry woman host) shortly after the announcement of a child's remains found near casey anthony's home this morning. and the resulting charges against anthony for first degree murder.

one of the panelists mentioned that casey anthony would likely get an easier sentence, if found guilty, because she was "pretty."

i was a bit stunned and slightly outraged (as was the host) until the woman said, "i don't think it's fair either. but a jury is hard to convince."

and it makes sense to me, that a jury of americans would be more lenient on a murderer based on someone's level of attractiveness. and that's horrific and sad.

luckily, judges typically don't operate that way.

between small children killing their parents, people getting laid off in droves, the economy crumpling, and general increase of ridiculous, scary, chaotic events in recent years, it's easy for someone like me who knows nothing about the bible or its teachings to imagine what the whisper of eminent armageddon might feel like.

i feel like i'm a tsunami or earthquake away from abandoning all my belongings and buying a one way ticket to bali. unless that's where the tsunami's headed.

and if i ever make it home after the mass destruction, i'm sure in the rubble the only thing standing will likely be my tv.


Rita said...

I don't know how I could begin to find someone who could kill her own child beautiful, not matter what she looks like on the outside. Period.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, preference for attractiveness is hardwired into our brains since birth, or at least two months after birth, according to some studies:

If you want to read an actual paper (warning: big PDF) on the above and a couple other similar studies, you can go here:

We're jerks from birth, cultural programming be damned.

A friend who wrote a book on teenage runaways several years ago found that the same kind of discrimination occurred with adults helping children. Children who were considered attractive were more likely to get helped by "the system" than those who weren't.