Monday, September 8, 2008

sexy moments in music

i couldn't imagine life without music. i have a soundtrack in my brain that follows me around daily. it has the ability to change my mood in the span of 4 minutes, and it reminds me of times in my life i would otherwise forget about.

i have a lot to blog about - first dates, genital alignment, root canals - lots and lots of things. and we'll get there. but today, the sexiest moments in music.

1. the cars, moving in stereo. a perfect soundtrack to a dripping wet, slow motion phoebe cates.

2. todd lewis (of the toadies. for reference, note his growly scream at 1:48 of quitter off the rubberneck album.) undeniably sexy. makes a first-person song about a rapist/stalker into a turn on. reowr.

3. the voice of shawn smith of brad/pigeonhed/satchel. angelic and beautiful. sexy in the cleanest of ways.

4. gavin rossdale and his circa 1995 live performance of glycerin in the pouring rain. he was drenched as they get. it's nkotb gay, i know. but hot nonetheless.

5. tori amos, crucify, at high volume. 'nuf said.

6. the first seconds of spoon's jonathon fisk. that groan? dear god.

7. danny carey's drum solo on tool's opiate.

8. mike patton in the small victory video. he looks like a post-wedding groomsman who wandered onto a trent reznor video shoot. even after watching the man come onstage (ejaculate, to the layman), eyes rolled back and drooling on himself, i still find that video to be hotter than light bulb filament.

9. tito & tarantula's after dark (from dusk til dawn), expertly paired with a mostly nude salma hayek, feeding tarantino whiskey via a perfectly toned lower leg.

10. that barely audible part of pearl jam's once, a breathy afterthought to end the bridge. i'm not going to spoil it for you if you haven't found it. it's worth finding. completely delicious.

11. m. doughty. choose anything. in fact, i've always said that if i were a stripper, st louise is listening would be my song, hands down.

12. the annoying guitar crunch in radiohead's creep. if you want the origin of that sound, i have a story. it must be told over a beer, but very factual and entirely sexy.

13. prince's alphabet street. really, who isn't a fan of a song about oral sex?

14. night shift, the commodores. don't ask why, i don't have an answer other than, "just because."

15. the deftones cover of the chauffer. come to think of it, every cover on that album is sexy as hell. and i don't even like the deftones.

16. ringfinger, nine inch nails.

17. i can't tell you what a whiny bitch i think billy corgan is, but damned if gish isn't one of the best albums to have sex to of all time.

18. the sunday's wild horses, and the roller coaster scene from fear (also gay, i know. but at least i'm honest.)

19. the knack's my sharona. how did they ever let that song hit the air? so dirty.

20. luna's 23 minutes in brussels.

feel free to add your own. we could get a multi-disc sex compilation going.

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