Monday, March 31, 2008



i made a small return to my friendly neighborhood albertsons store today. i was hesitant to try and return something to a grocery store, as i’ve never done it before. i would never try to return food, unless there was a damn good reason, but this was a non-food item and it happened to be in my car when i went in for my daily caffeine fix.

the following cements my theory about chatting it up with people who have "ordinary" jobs - they have stories you’d never know about otherwise, so take every opportunity to ask. like the time i asked the girl at the in-and-out drive through if she’d ever had work nightmares and she told me about her hitler dream.

the lady who was helping me was awfully cheery for that early in the morning. and i asked if they got returns often at the grocery store. of course they did, she said.

"lots of people return things. the only weird one was the time a lady brought the remains of a turkey back after thanksgiving and asked for her money back."

"and her reasoning was?" i asked.

"she said it had to many bones in it."

i stared at her for a moment with a look of utter stupefication on my face. she smiled at me and wished me a good day.

what do you say to that?

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