Saturday, March 8, 2008

post-yardsale thoughts

post-yard sale thoughts

we had our annual yard sale today. it was a success, and raised more than enough money to fund our weenie roast to follow.

it was a nice, sunny day as we pulled lounge chairs out to the sidewalk, listened to Frank Sinatra, and met lots of new neighborhood people.

i think the quote of the day came from Amanda.

i was sipping a rockstar and had just finished a transaction when Amanda looked at me sideways, and said, "you just sold that lady a pair of pants for a quarter." I looked at her as if to say, "yeah, garage sale. hello?" her response? "she just drove off in a beemer."


at the end of our sale, we put the remaining, unsold items out in front with "free" signs (there's still stuff, if you need some shit.) i even posted an ad on craigslist saying, "post garage sale miscellany, come take it home - it's free." and i got a response from a girl with "kittykat" in her email address asking, "could you deliver?"

now, you have *got* to be fucking kidding me right now. that could be the most inane thing i've heard all day. something tells me, however, that it won't be the stupidest for long.

hope you're having a fantastic saturday.

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