Sunday, September 23, 2007


you know those couples that are made for each other? the ones who are so adorable together that you want to strangle them? they have been together forever, and you see them and think, why the hell can't i have that?

and then you find out they aren't so perfect. one's been cheating on the other with someone close to both people involved, and they have issues and sadness just like the rest of us.

guess nobody's perfect. except zach braff. (i changed my atm pin, fyi..)

speaking of, go out and buy the garden state soundtrack. NOW. DO IT NOW. it's so good. especially when you have a new job downtown that you can't afford to buy parking for, so you have to ride the city bus (which scares the bejeesus out of you). it's a perfect, scary public transport ipod cd. joshua radin's winter - are you effing kidding me right now? and zero seven? holy god, i freaking love it.

anyway, it's sunday and i've been up for a while. i was sitting awake in bed thinking, you know, i should really get up. it's got to be like 11:30.

it was 8am.

i'm off to do something. i'll start with a shower and see how it goes from there. i may get crazy and go back to bed, or go eat lunch by myself at a fancy restaurant. or maybe i'll fill up my car with gas and not stop at the "click". i live on the edge, i know.

a conversation i actually had:

me: so, who's the team with the lightning bolts?
dg: ..uh, that's the chargers, sharon. that's us.
me: oh. really? i thought we were the C's.
dg: uh, no... no, that's chicago.
me: oh.... hey dave? don't tell anybody, kay?

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