Sunday, September 2, 2007

and now, back to the show

i'm back, and it feels really really good. i spent the day unpacking and cleaning, followed by evening swimming and dinner with friends. i'm exhausted, and when people have asked me how i am, i can't come up with an answer. i feel good, but something else too that i can't quite place.

job hunting starts tomorrow.

colorado was nice, but i'm glad to be here. for the first time, san diego feels like home.

thank you to the sarge for acting as my personal driver, entertainer, and concierge. and thank you to aaron, frosty, and jennifer for the entertainment. i have totally undone the last three weeks of working out in one weeklong vacation, thanks to my mom's love of red losbter and ore house filet at the mustang. it was worth every second. and superparty (not that he reads my blog) for the whodunnit, which i am still dreaming of, thank you very much.

anyway, time to wind down. i am going to bed early and sleeping really late.

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