Sunday, August 19, 2007

prelude to a blog..

before i write my next blog, i want you all to be thinking about something. don't respond with your thoughts now, just let it roll around your brain for a few days:

what constitutes cheating?

i realize the jury will be out for a while on this one, as people vary. genders vary also.

some people also have standards of cheating that are different from their partner's, which creates a tough spot. what have people you've dated/married think cheating is? do you agree? look back at events in your life that involve fidelity. where is the line drawn?

several years back, there was an awful movie with tom cruise and nicole kidman called, "eyes wide shut." it was unanimous the world over that this movie sucked. i, however, liked it quite a bit. i believe the reason for this is that i got something out of it that many people who just wanted to see a celebrity husband and wife have passionate sex didn't get (which, by the way, didn't happen.)

my take on the movie was the exact debate we are about to embark on. the movie touches on a couple, one of whom fantasizes about someone else they deeply want, and the other has sex with a hooker out of spite even though they didn't ever consider it before. it presented the question, "is it cheating if you want to sleep with someone, even if you don't do it?"

this is interesting to me. if i'm dating someone, and i constantly have sexual thoughts about somebody else, and picture myself with them often, is that being unfaithful? or if i spent a lot of time with this somebody else and developed feelings for them but never acted on them, can you call that cheating?

some would say yes. but then someone might say having fantasies about killing someone is okay as long as you don't act on it, right? can you even make a comparison between the two?

so, get to thinking and we'll talk about this in a few days. think about what you would consider a rift in fidelity, and what other people you know or have known thought. does that line vary based on the person who does it? or are those standards the same for whomever you date?

on a not completely different note, i emailed a new friend earlier today, and viagra came up. i had an epiphany. i have a brilliant idea to make a great product out of an existing very good product. much like heated lubricant, say. or silent velcro. i'm patenting this here and now, so don't any of you bitches try to steal it:

"Viagra, now available with caffeine! Just because you're "up", doesn't mean you're awake!"

i'm going to make a jillion billion dollars. be continued..

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