Monday, April 16, 2007

i not only WRITE them occasionally, i READ THEM!

so, i was perusing some blog subscription posts that i haven't had the chance to read lately. i am reminded that i have some amazing friends.

in other news, i checked out my blog viewings. if my math is correct (which it should be since it only involves addition and subtraction) then i have had four hundred views in the last twoish weeks. that is ridiculous. who reads this? they aren't on my readers list! who are they? what keeps them coming back?

who cares, they come back.

so thank you, the invisible many. i appreciate it.

in other OTHER news, a gaggle of us went out to dinner in old town last thursday night. it was busy as hell (odd, i know) and we had to wait for an hour to get a table. fine with us, we found a few spots open near the back bar and gossiped over some margaritas.

each time i went up to the bar to get drinks for everyone, a single man in his 40's would chat me up, asking me what i was ordering this time, what did i recommend, what sounded good on the menu, etc. he was nice enough, and was inclined to talk to me for whatever reason (i didn't see him talking to/looking at any other of the nearby girls - perhaps it was the pink hair and pigtails?) there wasn't anything abnormal about him, just your average, middle aged, nondescript single guy.

at one point, my friends sent me up to the hostess station to inquire how much longer our table would be. as i was wading my way back through the throngs of people, i saw my new-found friend in the line of people trying to make their way out the front door. he caught my eye, and i yelled (with a sly grin and a wink) "leaving so soon, are we?"

the woman directly behind him, which i can only assume was his wife, shot me the most evil look i have ever felt. though his wife was behind him, you could tell that he not only felt her look also, but that it was one he was all too familiar with. he walked out looking at me with a mixture of sadness and confusion.

it all made sense once i got back to our table and noticed the man i had been talking to originally still at the bar eating his dinner. and i wondered how long the other guy's night would be as he tried to explain to his wife for the next several hours who i was and why i was flirting with him.


a conversation i actually had:

me (to bartender one about bartender 2, who was making my beverage): man, does he always give his customers so much grief?

bartender 1: nope, only to girls that are his type.

me: and his type is..?

bartender 1: blondes with pink hair and tattoos.

me: well, you can tell him that i'm a natural redhead. sorry. the pink is false advertising.

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