Tuesday, February 13, 2007

same city, new air

so, i will be fully into my new place by tomorrow. it's a house that was bulit in 1910 (or thereabouts).. it's in a part of town where liquor stores, restaurants, boutiques, bars, laundromats (not that i need one) are all across the street...

it's been a long time since i blogged under the influence. i'm four glasses of wine in. it's a fantastic feeling, though i won't be thinking that as i go to work at 8am.

anyway, the new house has a very nice vibe to it. i liked it the minute i saw it -- from the outside even! anyway, new address to follow, in case anyone wanted to send gifts.

a conversation i actually had:

(while introducing sunny's 5-year-old to my landlord's ancient, blind-ass cat who resides outside my front door)

me: this is simba. he lives here, and likes to sit right in front of my door. he's very old, and he's blind, but he's a nice cat.

dg: ooh! can i pet him?

me: of course. he's super sweet.

**ten minutes later**

dg: i love him! mommy, look at this cat! he's so cute. i just can't take my eyes off of this blind cat!

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