Sunday, November 26, 2006

my forehead is BUMPIN'!

spilled half a glass of water in my keyboard. after four painful days, a cool-air hairdryer (thank christ for cosmetology school) and a near nervous breakdown, my mac fired up about 10 minutes ago. no idea how long it will last. i've already lost data like 3 times already this year, so i'm numb to that. just don't take away my baby! i dare you fuckers to pour water in your PC and see what happens...

i shouldn't talk shit. i'm not out of the woods yet. with any luck, i'll be electrocuted. i seriously can't live without this computer.

a conversation i actually had:

(at a bar in del mar during my first week in san diego)

guy: "hey, what's up?"

me: "not much."

(5 minutes of idle chat)

me: "y'know, i don't think redheads are attractive. but you're pretty hot."

guy: "nah."

me: "honestly, you're a very handsome guy."

guy: "no, i'm really not."

me: *slap*

guy exits

sg: "dude, you just slapped that guy!"

me: "yeah. he needs to learn how to take a compliment."

sg: "that look on his face was priceless -- he looked like he couldn't decide whether he wanted to hit you back or marry you."

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