Thursday, November 9, 2006

god love the south

i sat at work today trying to fight off a panic attack. it felt like the work just kept on coming, all the while the two guys in my office were arguing politics.

fortunately, i found my new happy place. i spent most of the day calling customers, most of whom are dealing with heavy equipment or are in martial arts. oh, and they were spread as far east as florida through texas to the west. you know what i truly love about southern boys? (don't wait for the hillbilly jokes. there aren't any..) in a 10 minute phone conversation, i get "yes ma'am"ed and "thank you ma'am"ed at least 7 times. it makes my ears happy, unlike those of us who use the word "ma'am" in the west -- to keep our composure during conversations with strangers we want to strangle.

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